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Please keep in mind that communication from the lodge can be difficult with limited services. Email is the fastest way to get in touch with us. We will get back to you ASAP, typically within 24-48 hours. Please plan ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Though small and mid-size vehicles are often found at the trailhead throughout the summer, the final 10 miles to the lodge are rough, rarely maintained, dirt roads with

rocks and potholes. It is best to travel prepared for mud season and vehicle wear and tear. We always suggest 4-wheel drive due to the constantly changing weather. There are no services in the area and limited cell service. Packing extra equipment for flat tires, getting stuck, or emergencies is not a bad idea. Electric vehicles are strongly discouraged.


The last stops for fuel before reaching the lodge are either Lander, Farson, or Boulder depending on your travel route. These areas are a good distance from the lodge and limited residential areas to get help. Always fill up your tank before heading in our direction, at one of these last stops!


The Big Sandy Campground is not a part of Big Sandy Lodge. It is located approximately 1 mile by road or ½ mile by trail from the lodge. There is parking for camping and hiking, outhouses, and a small paid campground just beyond the parking section.


We have limited service at the lodge, only available for bookings and restaurant transactions, therefore fishing licenses must be purchased prior to arriving at the lodge. Locally, you may purchase your licenses at several locations in Pinedale or Lander, the Boulder Store & Gas in Boulder, or online at the Wyoming Game and Fish website.


Big Sandy Lake, North Creek (Cirque of Towers Drop), Clear Lake, Black Joe Lake, East Fork (Poston Meadows), East Fork (Fremont Trail, CDT), Marm’s Lake, Dads Lake, Skull/Shadow Trail Junction, Skull Lake, Maes Lake, Shadow Lake. All Passes in our area are not recommended for livestock. Additional locations on a case-by-case basis


There are no outlets or electricity to the lodge, cabins, or bathhouse. There is no cell service at the lodge, though there are spots along the road on the way up that you may find service depending on your carrier.

There is VERY LIMITED internet service at the lodge and is currently reserved for LODGE USE ONLY. We operate off of solar and backup generators, so we have limited charging capabilities and ask that guests/patrons charge their equipment in their vehicles or on their own battery blocks. We do make exceptions for CDT hikers that have no other way to charge their devices and need them for their journey.

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Big Sandy Lodge

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